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We will always do a consultation before any treatment to get a sense of how to best achieve your goals and to ensure that the treatment is safe for you.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does soft tissue filler last?

Depending on concerns, treatment may be desired every four months. Most fillers last six months to a year.

Who can inject soft tissue fillers?

In Canada, treatments are provided by licensed medical physicians, dentists, or registered nurses.

How do I prepare for cosmetic injectables?
Before treatment, avoid vigorous physical activity and alcohol, Aspirin, Vitamin E, and blood thinners not prescribed by your physician.
When should I start cosmetic injectables?
There is no set time to start treatment, as each person has unique concerns. However, an appropriate time is when you see moderate lines after you stop animating your face.
What are the possible side effects?
Some individuals show temporary side effects, but these effects clear up within one to two weeks. Redness Swelling Tenderness Bruising
How much neuromodulator or filler will I need?
It depends! This is why we always do a consultation first to determine your treatment plan. Everyone is unique and we want to tailor any treatment to you and your specific circumstances.