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Dr. Yimeng Zhang

Dr. Yimeng Zhang grew up in Waterloo and graduated from medical school at the University of Toronto. She completed her residency at the University of Ottawa and is a board certified General Surgeon. She continued on in independent practice as a community General Surgeon where she became skilled in a broad range of surgical and non-surgical procedures. During this time, she pursued training in aesthetic medicine and added a lifelong interest to her clinical practice. Her scope of practice has been credentialed by the College of Surgeons and Physicians of Ontario.

Dr. Zhang’s philosophy is patient centered care. Her focus is on your specific hopes, concerns, and circumstances. She believes in open and transparent communication to address your needs and will always prioritize your safety. As such, she is as equally focused on after procedure care as she is on the initial consultation and procedure. She will always be there to answer your questions and address your concerns. Her goal is to make your experience with aesthetic medicine as relaxing, enjoyable, and informative as possible. Dr. Zhang also engages in continuing professional development for ongoing technique advancement as part of her commitment to excellent patient care in the field of aesthetic medicine. Positive aging is a lifelong process, and she wishes to be with you every step of the way. When she is not working, Dr. Zhang enjoys spending time with her husband and her son.